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From about 7 miles north of the New Mexico-Texas border, the Tularosa Basin is a closed basin that extends 170 miles northward. On the east, the basin is enclosed by the Sacramento and Hueco Mountains. On the west, the San Andreas, Organ, and Franklin Mountains bound the basin. On the north the basin is bounded by the Chupadera Mesa. The Tularosa Basin is connected to the Hueco Bolson by interbasin groundwater flow, resulting in the two basins being considered one aquifer. The aquifer is comprised of Tertiary and Quaternary basin-fill (bolson) deposits. The Tularosa-Hueco Basin is made up of silt, sand and gravel in its upper layer, while clay and silt make up the lower section; together these layers are some 9,000 feet thick. Depending on the location, water quality varies in the Tularosa-Hueco Basin. Most of the supply is saline; however, fresh water is found in the upper several hundred feet of the basin. The Hueco Bolson is the main water source in the El Paso - Ciudad Juarez region. Excessive ground water withdrawals have resulted in significant declines in water-level.

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