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Jemez y Sangre Water Region Maps

Here, you'll be able to download and view maps and GIS data of the planning region. If you would like to see an already produced map, use the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file. The PDF file is probably the easiest if you'd like to print out a copy. You can also view, without downloading, the pdf file by clicking the link and choosing "open" instead of "save as." If you'd like to download the GIS data to produce your own map, you can download the the ArcGIS (.mxd) file. After that, you'll need to click the folder icon by the word "data" for that particular map to download all the associated data files. Each data file is in .zip format. I highly recommend after unzipping the folders using ArcCatalog to move them. If you do use Windows Explorer, however, be sure to copy over all the files you unzipped (inlcluding the "info" folder). If you do not, ArcGIS may not recognize the file.

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Planning Region


A basic map outlining the area, showing prominent features and topological relief.

Underground Water Basins


A thematic map the underground water basins in the Jemez y Sangre Water Planning Region.

Land Use


A thematic map showing the uses of land in the Jemez y Sangre Water Planning area.  This includes categories such as residential, industrial, commercial, agriculture, and so forth.

Land Ownership


A thematic map showing the ownership of major areas in the Jemez y Sangre Water Planning area.  This includes divisions such as private land and government held land (the forest service, military bases, Indian reservations, Bureau of Land Management land, and so forth).



A thematic map showing the watershed regions (which reveal drainage patterns and the flow of water).